At Schake, we have over 85 years of engineering experience and over 200 years of combined industrial experience.


Schake Industries manufactures Above Ground Storage Tanks (ASTs) and Shop Fabricated Tanks for a variety of industrial applications.

With over 30 years of industrial experience and expertise, Schake Industries provides a full range of AST services such as demolition, design, and construction to API 650 standards, and repair, alteration, and dismantling, relocating, and reconstruction to API 653 standards.  Our skilled field crews can erect single or multiple tanks, repair or replace existing tanks, and provide any necessary accessories such as ladders, stairs, walkways, platforms, and railings.  Additionally, Schake Industries can serve as your general contractor, providing services such as grade building, interior liner installation, exterior coating and insulation, pipe line work, and much more.

Schake Industries can fabricate a wide variety of shop tanks.  These shop tanks include, but are not limited to, shop welded tanks for storage of production liquids, spiral steel bulk oil tanks, hydraulic tanks, lube tanks, steel above ground fuel tanks, epoxy coated steel bulk storage tanks, waste water tanks, mixing tanks, and stainless steel feed water tanks.  Schake Industries can design and build shop tanks to your specifications, or build them to your design.  Schake Industries can provide over-sized tanks in segmented assemblies to be assembled in the field.  Schake Industries can provide and install all necessary piping and accessories.

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Superior Products

We are the manufacturer of spiral aluminum silos, above-ground storage tanks, and hydraulic lubrication and pneumatic systems shipping both domestically and internationally.

Years of Experience

Our skilled, experienced, and dedicated employees provide quality products and services that are second to none.

Competitive Pricing

Over the years, we have dedicated considerable resources to improving the manufacturing process, which has allowed us to offer a better product at a more competitive price.